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New Queue

To create a new queue, supervisor has to navigate [Contact Center] -> [Groups] tab and click on [Create Queue] button.

Basic Info for creating new queue

Basic info for setting up new queue is as follows:

Queue Name

Supervisor should provide a name for the queue.

Extension for queue

Supervisor should assign an extension to the queue. The extension assigned should be unique

Adding Agents to Queue

New agents can be added to the queue by dragging and dropping agents from available agents to selected agents.

Queue Settings

Select a queue from the list and the selected queues details will be displayed on the queue tab.

Editing Queue Name

Admin can click on the queue name so that he can edit the queue name.

Queue Extension

Supervisor can click on the extension number it will allow supervisor to add more extension or remove extensions to the queue. Supervisor has to click on save changes to see the newly added/ deleted extensions.

Queue Phone Number

Supervisor can assign external DIDs to the queue, if the account has spare numbers in the list. So there will be a direct number to which a queue can be associated.

Queue Features

Call Wrap-up Time

Call wrap up time, is the time for an agent to document the call before the next queue call reaches him. The status of the agent would be busy at the time of call wrap-up time.

Maximum Number of Calls

Supervisor can set how many calls should come to queue at a time. If the number of calls exceeds maximum number, the customer would hear a busy tone. If supervisor sets maximum number of calls as “0”, then queue can have unlimited number of calls.

Hold Time

Hold time represents the time to which an unanswered inbound call has to be in queue. If none of the agent answers the call, then the call would be disconnected after the hold time.

Distribution Logic

Supervisor can select either round robin or most idle logic from the dropdown. The logic decides on how the queue call should route to which agent.

Agent Ring Time Out

Supervisor can set a ring time out for queue, and then a call would ring at agent’s end for the value set in agent ring time out.

Music on Hold

Supervisor can upload a hold music which customer would listen, when an agent in the queue places customer on hold.


This feature allows the supervisor to monitor the agent calls. Supervisor has to dial *68. Supervisor has to enter the extension number of the agent for which calls has to be monitored. Supervisor has three options.

  1. If supervisor press 1, then supervisor can speak with the customer, and agent would not hear their conversation.
  2. If supervisor press2, the supervisor can speak with the agent and customer would not hear the conversation.
  3. If supervisor press3, then supervisor can get into a conversation with both agent and customer.


As supervisor enables this feature, the customers who are waiting in the queue for an agent to answer the call will listen to his position in the queue and how much time would it take to answer this call by an agent.

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