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New Agent

To create a new user, supervisor has to navigate [Contact Center] -> [Agents] tab and click on [Add Agent] button.

Basic Info for creating new agents

Basic info for setting up new agents is as follows:

First Name and Last name

Supervisor should enter first name and last name of the agent.


A valid email address through which all the communications regarding the agent will happen.


A password should be set for the agent to login to the agent portal.

Extension Number

Main extension number will be assigned to the agent. Supervisor  has provision to edit the main extension number.

Agent Settings

Agent settings tab allows supervisor to edit the basic info regarding agent. Supervisor can edit the basic info which has been provided at the time of creation of agent.


This tab would display the main extension number. User can add new extension, Un-assign the extension.

Add Extension

Supervisor can add new extensions to the agents. Multiple extensions can be added to single agent. Supervisor has to click on Save Changes to save the newly added extensions. Supervisor has provision to edit newly added extensions.


Devices tab allows supervisor to manage SIP devices under contact center.

Add New SIP Device

Supervisor can add a new SIP device by providing following details:

Device Name: Generic name given to the device to identify the device.

User Name: It should be unique name given to the device. This user name is used to register the device in any hard phone or any SIP clients

Password: Supervisor can set a password for the device and this password is used along with user name to register the device.

Auto Provisioning

The newly added device can be automatically configured on hard phones using this feature. Supervisor should provide MAC Address of the hard phone and also should select the make and model of the device from the dropdown. When supervisor clicks on “Create Device”, new device will be automatically registered on the SIP phone.

QR Code Scanning

If an agent wants to log in to Voifinity mobile app, then agent can use the QR code scanning feature in the app. Agent can view the QR code of the device from device listings page in devices tab.

User Features

Hot Desking

User have to dial “*11” from a phone and enter the hot desking  PIN so that user can use that phones as his own device.

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