5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Cloud Phone Service

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Small or large, companies are shifting to cloud phone services. Choosing a business phone service that aligns with your company operations is not easy. You could have many concerns, including call plans, talk time, scalability, support, etc.

Here are a few parameters that you need to consider before choosing a cloud communication service.

1. When you should consider cloud telephone for your business

Small businesses can continue to use traditional phone systems for a low volume and fixed business operations. That might not be relevant for a rapidly growing company. A cloud-based business phone service has multiple advantages including scalability, mobility, and cost.

PBX service providers offer different call plans based on the number of users. You can start with a basic plan with a single user that could be scaled up to thousands of users. Choose a plan that is ideal for the size of your business volume of calls.

2.Infrastructure requirements

Cloud telephony do not need on-premise hardware or installations. Some operators insist on specific IP phones for full-featured service. In complex networks, the companies might need cloud connection devices to network with your existing IP systems.

3. Complexity of Operation

Majority of cloud telephone provides an online control panel. This graphical interface has apps for each functionality just like mobile phones which you can easily manage. Other operations like IVR configuration, adding or removing users, assigning features to specific employees, performance monitoring, etc can be done without the help of a technician.

4. Plan and Pricing

Basic plan starts from $17 with limited features. Majority of companies offer free installation while others charge you for the setup. Business phone companies might provide discounts for bundled services for initial months, but rates could vary for renewals.

5. Customer service and after-sales support

You can go through popular discussion forums and reviews to know more about support and service offered by providers. Opt for an operator which quickly responds to your queries. Always ask for the terms of service documents and read carefully before registration.

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