7 Major Benefits of Having an IVR System

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Cloud communication services help you consolidate administrative costs with the use of a cloud Interactive Voice Response or IVR system. Administering an IVR into business communication allows companies to easily handle high call volumes. Both the companies and customers benefit from optimized customer service practices. While the benefits may vary depending upon the application, listed below are 7 major benefits of having an IVR system.

1. Error-free Communication

For a live representative who attends numerous calls a day, some mistakes are likely to happen which is not desirable in a business communication. Whereas with a set of pre-recorded instruction, one can avoid such possible errors from happening.

2. 24/7 Service

Where can you find a receptionist that can work 24*7 throughout the year without any pay? An IVR is the employee of your dreams. No sleep, no lunch, no sick leaves. IVR auto-attendants can replace live receptionists, helping your business cut costs and provide 24/7 customer service.

3. Efficient Call Handling

By Implementing a virtual receptionist, you can greet your client with more personalized messages. IVR call centers can smartly employ this technology to answer most of the frequently asked questions like office hours or common tech support questions. The agent attending a client can be more specific and can wind up the call as soon as the solution is shared. Thus, with such an IVR application, you can attend more people because practically you need less time to figure out the problem.

4. Call back Service

Making a call to the customer support is least preferred by clients just because of indefinite waiting time. The callback service, a major advantage of IVR phone system over the traditional ones, can solve the issue. It gives callers the option to have their call returned rather than waiting on hold. This small convenience has a big impact.

5. Cost Effective

IVR system is cost effective as it considerably reduces the expense of having a live receptionist. Besides that, it reduces your cost per call by letting your customers choose the type of help they want. Directing the client to the concerned agent can save quite a good amount of time. Not to forget that this can also help in saving some thousands of dollars on an annual basis.

6. Research and Feedback

Surveys using IVR for market research is more cost-effective than hiring a team of surveyors and buying expensive equipment to conduct the research. IVR surveys are highly useful to evaluate the feedback and implement the necessary changes.

7. “The Big Company Image”

One of the benefits of IVR services is the ‘big’ illusion it creates. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up with 2 or 3 people, the hosted IVR gives you a professional image. When managed properly, you can add more extensions and provide more widespread service leaving the caller to think that you are a well-established enterprise! Isn’t that great?

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