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Main Number

Main Number tab allows admin to set Main Company Number and allows supervisor to add multiple number and call strategies

Main Company Number

If the client account has spare numbers, supervisor can select one number from it and set as Main Company Number. Once supervisor set a main number, he has the options to set office working hours and holidays. Also set the strategy for handling incoming calls. Supervisor can add multiple numbers with adding a label to each number

Office Hour Strategy

When supervisor clicks on this tab, he can set the working hours of the company. Either he can select 24 hours office or custom office hours. In the custom office hours he can set the open hours of the office and the days in which the company is office. He can select the days on which the company is open by clicking on the check box and set time from dropdown.

Also supervisor can set lunch break time, if they are breaking for lunch time.

After setting the Office Hour Strategy, admin has to click on Save Changes to save the details set.

Office Holidays

As supervisor clicks on this tab, he will have options to add company holidays. There are three options to set the holidays,

  1. Single day: Supervisor can enter the holiday name and select month and date.
  2. Date Range: Supervisor and enter a holiday name and select a from date and to date
  3. Advanced: If Supervisor wants to set any particular day of a month as holiday he can do that.

Supervisor has to click on Save Changes button to save the details entered.

Incoming Call Handling

This feature will allow the supervisor to set how an incoming call should flow when a call lands to the main number in various hours like open hours, after hours, holidays and lunch break.

The radio buttons allow the user to select each option and set strategy of incoming call during that time.

There are four options for call handling

  1. Incoming call directly to virtual receptionist
  2. Incoming call to agent/device/media/ group and then to virtual receptionist
  3. Incoming call to agent/device/media/ group/Skip to voice mail and then to voice mail of users
  4. Incoming call to agent/device/media/ group and then to agent/device/media/ group

Virtual Receptionist

This is like an auto attendant feature. Supervisor should be able to set multilevel IVRs. There are basically following options:

Main greetings

Select a main greeting from dropdown or user can upload a media. Once a media is selected user would be able to add first level of IVRs.

If supervisor selects media against a DTMF press, then next level of DTMF keys under the first level.

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