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This tab will display all the spare devices as well as assigned devices in the system.

Add New SIP Device

A supervisor can add a SIP device by clicking on Add Device-> Add SIP Device. The Basic info required for creating a device is as follows:

  1. Device Name: A generic name given to the device
  2. Supervisor Name: A unique name assigned to the device, which would be used to register the device manually.
  3. Password: It is an auto generated PIN; supervisor has the provision to change the password according to his requirement.
  4. Realm: It is required at the time of registering the device manually.
  5. Auto Provisioning: Supervisor can check the check box if the device has to be auto configured in a hard phone.

Auto Provisioning

To auto provision a hard phone, Supervisor should provide following details

  1. MAC address of the phone
  2. Device Make: currently we support Cisco, Polycom and Yealink phones, supervisor can select any options from the dropdown
  3. Device Model: Some models of Cisco, Polycom and Yealink . Supervisor can select the model number based on the make of the device
  4. Device Line: Some devices have multiple lines and supervisor can select the line in which the device should be configured.

Delete Device

In the Edit device popup, supervisor has provision to delete the device, when supervisor clicks on “Delete Device” button, the device will be removed from system

QR Code Scanning

When supervisor clicks on “QR”, the popup will display a QR code, which can be used to auto login in the Android and IPhone versions of mobile app. When supervisor scans QR code through app, the selected device will be auto configured in the app.

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