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Call Log

This is a historical record of all calls of that account. The supervisor has the provision to filter the call log based on the dates.

Also supervisor can filter the call based on the Call type. When supervisor search the call log based on call type, the call log will be filtered based on the keyword. Eg: If user search for “incoming”, then all incoming calls within the selected date range will be displayed.

Download Call Log

Call log can filtered and downloaded to local system, when supervisor clicks on Save as Excel button.

Block Numbers

If the supervisor wants to block calls from certain incoming DIDs, then in the “From” column of call log, under the number there will be a button which will allow supervisor to block that number. Supervisor can unblock the number from block list under account settings page.

Play and Download Recordings

If the call recording is enabled for the account, then all calls (Incoming/Outgoing) will be recorded. Supervisor will be able to play and download the recordings from the call log. Supervisor can enable call recording from dashboard.

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